How Pharma Experience Candidate/Medical Representative (MR) can Start PCD Franchise Business?

Good news for pharma experienced or medical representative (MR) persons. You can start your own pharma business with minimum investment. Why to work for others when you have caliber to be an entrepreneur. Working for self always pay more on a long term and you can imagine your future bright. Do your own business in your areas, cities or districts.

With the skills and experience you have, starting PCD Pharma Franchise business is the best choice. You already have distribution links and communication skills thus you will be preferred by almost all distributors. You are already known to the business strategy and how it is implemented. Now only thing is you have to invest at right place where you can see your profit to be increasing day by day. But the question is why is it better to start franchise business than doing job?  Here are the few reasons:

  1. Lower Risk: A pharma franchise allows for a minimum risk format business. It offers increased savings and growth opportunities thus you can earn and grow simultaneously.
  2. Flexible Decision Making: Here you can make important decisions by yourself and gives you the flexibility to make calls on schemes that you can provide to doctors as well as chemists.
  3. No need for relocation: You don’t have to worry about relocating to another city over a year. As long as there are 20-25 doctors in your area, you can choose to establish franchise near your home and can avoid unnecessary travel.
  4. Full Control and Autonomy: You have full control and autonomy over the activities of your company in franchise. You can choose product range, methods and approaches to be taken for establishing business.

How can you start Pharma PCD Franchise Business?

Before starting pharma PCD Franchise Business you must have a set of customers/clients who you feel are loyal to you.

  • First is to prepare list of customers/clients
  • Identify products they ideally choose to support
  • Search for a good PCD pharma franchise company who can fulfill your major demands. Here are some of the factors you shouldn’t miss while searching
    • Name of the company
    • Credibility of the company (WHO-GMP/ISO certified)
    • Company’s annual turn over
    • Brand name of the products
    • Packing of the products
    • Range of the products
    • Stock Availability
    • Range of Promotional materials
    • Facility of monopoly rights
    • Payment Terms and Conditions
    • Achievements/Awards/Recognition/History
  • Compare prices and other support system
  • Arrange the funds that can last you for at least six months to one year
  • Personally verify quality and packing of products
  • Update yourself with latest information about the products
  • Study your competitors effectively
  • Place the order and meanwhile lay out other strategies
  • Give your best and see the bridges to be burned.

If you invest 25,000/- in your business, you can start earing 25,000/- per month within 3-4 months. You can also start your pharma franchise business simultaneously to your job. This is very convincing model if handled with patience and planning. In franchise business, you being your own boss and your take home will depend upon you not your fixed salary.

If you are planning to set up a franchise contact us for more information. Pharma Drugs & Chemicals is a well-known PCD specialist and our business model will help you successfully set up and expand your business.

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